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Pacific Farm Management is based out of Madera, California and serves the wonderful state of California with an emphasis in the San Joaquin Valley. Aside from operating statewide, we also serve clients in Arizona and Oregon. Our company was brought together by many previous entrepreneurs who acknowledged a lack of sophistication in the agricultural employment industry. Pacific Farm Management is composed of experienced field personnel, financial leaders, safety compliance officers, and a human resources team. The combination of experience allows us to offer a service unmatched by any competitor.


In a short time window, our company has experienced exponential growth. The foundations of the company’s origin allowed us to grow exceptionally while maintaining sustainability. We are selective among the clients we serve. Pacific Farm Management works with those with a mutual mindset in which employee safety is always the first priority. We hope this site provides you with insight about our company and the vision we have! 


Our company was founded for a purpose and we believe the service we offer is second to none.  The employment landscape in California's agricultural sector has changed dramatically over the past 5 years.  We now have non-productive time for piece-rate employees, paid sick leave, the Affordable Care Act, mandatory retirement programs (CalSavers), overtime changes, minimum wage increases and more!


What does this all mean to you an agricultural employer? Simple, hiring or maintaining an employee has become a full time job requiring knowledge with employment laws, having a human resources department, and retaining an experienced payroll staff.  We learned that keeping up with the new demands has taken away the ability for you to focus on your operation.  This is where Pacific Farm Management steps in and helps you get back on track. 


We do not shy away from new changes in our industry, we embrace them! We invest a considerable amount of time and resources in making sure our operation is efficient.  This allows us to pass the savings on to you! We understand labor is not only a critical component in agricultural, it is often time the costliest. Each extra dollar spent on labor reduces your bottom line.  Pacific Farm Management has the ability to create unique programs for your operation from utilizing electronic time tracking software, flat rate charges per acre, short term financing and more.  We go above and beyond to ensure you are satisfied with the end result.  Call us today and allow us to put a proposal together for you.




Here at Pacific Farm Management, we pride ourselves on giving back to our community. The organizations we support include: Rent-A-Room Ronald McDonald House Charities (2021), Medical Supply Donation (2020), Coats for Kids (2019), and Madera County Farm Bureau Scholarship ($3,000). 

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